Januari 2019
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 16 (Sixteen!) times Sub 9 hours
2018 has come to an end..... We are in the middle of winter and I’m just back from a short “winter wonderland adventure” in beautiful Lech, Austria, organized by the Transvorarlberg Triathlon. I think these winter sport disciplines are so good for Triathletes, especially when you need a break, love snow and want something “different”. I’m not a snow type and as a Dutch girl I am not so good in all these weird sports, which I didn’t grew up with. We used to go on holiday to warm places, but never on a skiing trip. It was fun to give it all a try and especially my faster half loved every minute of it and enjoyed the training a lot.
Most of you are probably riding indoor a lot at the moment and I tell you, I have such a respect for you all, I just don’t like riding indoor, which make’s the bike training very hard and to be honest a bit rare at the moment :-) I’m definitely running every day and so enjoy that in these cold temperatures. When you look on social media it seems that everybody loves riding indoor, I just don’t get it, maybe it’s time for a new trainer, the one I have, that I earned 15 years ago when riding for that company on Expo’s, is not good anymore.... :-) I will give this another change.... Next week..... Hahahaha :-) I’m still enjoying my extra long winter break, how it came to this and why am I doing this? There are several reasons and I will point them out for you here in my Newsletter!!.