March 2018
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 14 (Fourteen!) times Sub 9 hours
The race season is coming closer We are now in March and most Triathletes are flying to a training camp to hide from the (this year extremely) cold weather. The early races of the new season are on the way and in Europe the events will start in April. As I have been to busy to my like’s and feel it’s going to be a though race year once again, even when I left out those very early races, I decided to not fly to the US for my first Half Ironman, but take a extra week and safe myself the travel stress, energy and money. This means my opening race off the 2018 race season will be Challenge Roma ( ) on April 15th. Last weeks have been a bit stressfull, but we are now on Mallorca and just enjoyed a great team meeting weekend from Hoka One One. They have come with a new collection called “Fly collection” which included 3 new models, the Mach, the Cavu and the Elevon. Each one of the shoes is a master piece on it’s own and I recommend to test at least one of them and fly yourself, when you try them you will know how this collection got that name :-) Check out there website for more information: Personally I think it’s great that a company take’s the effort, time & money to put this team meeting together for us. It would be great to see this done more often by brands. We haven’t been sitting still and are all over the place, for example my partner and me had a great fun day giving a running workshop close to Munich/Germany. Most of our sponsors send some goodies over which fitted nicely in the handy Skinfit shopping bag. The athletes we’re able to test the Skinfit Klima shirts, learned different stuff about running but also about all that has to do with Triathlon.