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Back on track after many challenges PDF Print E-mail

With all the action on social media as Twitter and Facebook my own website seems to get forgotten. Well, it’s about time to change that!

20121005 yvonne duim omhoogI don’t even know where to start. I’m not the type of person to share very privat stuff on a website, but at this point I would like to make an exception because I feel it gives a better picture of what I’ve bene through these past months.
I’ll start with mentioning my brake up with my partner & beloved boyfriend Thomas at the beginning of this year. As everybody knows brake ups are always hard, especially when you have been so very close and together for 24/7 for more then 5 years. I really believe one has to recover from such a intensive emotional situation and I can tell you from experience now that it really doesn’t go over night.

But as life mostly goes, bad moments pass and make place for happy ones. Looking back one very happy moment was my race at the IM 70.3 US Championships in Galveston Texas at the beginning of April. It was such a great feeling to really race again and race to my full potential. Chasing the girls from the back and having fun the whole way. Because isn’t that what it is all about, having fun while racing! With the fastest bikesplit of the day I ran myself to a awesome second place. Happy face all over. My first race all alone, on my own tiny feet and racing just for me!

20121005 omaUnfortunately tears of joy were to make place for tears of hurt and sorrow when my dear grandmum, to whom I had a very undescrible close connection, would die that same night. I remember driving back to the airport all alone in the middle of the USA in my first ever rented car, I felt as lonely and sad as I have never felt before. No words for the emotions I was going through there.

My first trainingcamp with coach Siri and the team brought back happiness again. What an amazing time I had in Santa Monica. Lots of things opened up my eyes, I learned a miljion and had a blast playing outside with my trainingpartners. A big thank you is very much in place here to my homestay & dear friend Derek King for taking such good care of me and helping me out in the big world called Los Angeles.

The European season would then start. Again a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes it felt like the whole world was against me. I had some bad luck in a couple of big races when things happened I didn’t have control over and I still was dealing with the aftershock of being ‘alone’. I also had to get operated for the first time in my life. Although I don’t feel the need to get into detail here, believe me when I say it again made me feel very small and alone.  Let’s just skip a couple of weeks because it does get better!

20121005 mutsMy 1st race after the operation, was one to not forget: the Trans Vorarlberg in my home stae Vorarlberg Austria. I won the race in brutal weather conditions, but was definately not in the shape I normally woudl be in the middle of the season.

From Vorarlberg I flew straight to Santa Monica to work on my come back as a new Yvonne. With only three weeks training in my butt I decided to start at the World Championships in Las Vegas. It was just around the corner and I wanted to get some serious answers concerning my ‘standings’ with the topgirls. I got my answers and was very satisfied with them. All going as planned.

I took in two weeks of good training and then flew to Cozumel to race the 70.3 there. This was only one week agi and I’m still very thrilled with my 3th place just 2 minutes behind the World Champion over this distance from last year. My 4.22 was all I had in me at this point, but I’m definately on the right track.

Not only physically I’m getting better. I’m also noticing a mental shift. I feel that I’m in a very good and way better place then I’ve been for a long time. Certain discomferts I used to have before a race seem to have vanished. I feel good and enjoy lots of small things, I’m thankful for everything I experience and that is on a daily basis. So, even a more happy Yvonne! I’m really doing well and I’m looking forward to get back where I should be or who knows, even better, stronger, faster & more happy then ever.

20121005 jump beachAs I seemed to have found my balance back again, I feel I have more pleasure racing and  for that reason, I wasn’t stoppable when I heard about this LA Triathlon this last weekend, just one week after IM 70.3 Cozumel. Again this race showed me that I’m getting stronger every day and with every race. The womens field was amazing. There were some very big names from the ITU Olympic Distance circuit among the women at the start. As the olympic distance isn’t really my specialty I really only entered to see where I’m standing compaired to these really fast girls. Well with a (expected) slow swim, but a strong bike and run it got me to a 7th postition among these ‘fish girls’.

This race showed me that again I made a step forwards. My 40 km/h on the bike and my 35.19 for the 10 km run were even more then I had expected. My times were not slower then those really fast girls. So when I can finally make that transition into a fish like those ITU girls, I’m definately one fast ‘flying Dutch girl’.

So overall I’m doing well again. I’m happy and satisfied and just very thankful for being me and being able to live the life I’m living. I’ve always been a sunshine for many people, but for the first time in a long while I now finally feel that I’m shining again and that I can be that sunshine for who ever needs it. Let’s just all be thankfull for a minute, love yourself and the people around you and you will soon have many positive emotions to share with us to!

20121005 poolsideYours sincerly,