Defending my title at Challenge Wanaka/ NZ. YESSSSS, yes I did it! Challenge Wanaka 2016 was my first race ever in beautiful New Zealand and I really fell in love with this amazing country. I have always been a country girl and I just feel great here. Things like that are so important when you want to do well in a race. The whole excitement of coming back to this country already gave some great energy leading up to the race. It was a very tight and close battle, but at the end nobody cares if you win with 27“ seconds ( like I just did) or with 5 minutes. Very happy to defend my title after 2 stressy days with different issues that always seem to only happen before races :-) Thank god I got my boyfriend with me to help me fixing these things that suddenly stop working :-) I will for sure be back in 2018, I just love this race and the whole team that puts up such a amazing event. This race has been honored with being the most beautiful long distance Triathlon in the world and it is true, all 3 courses are spectacular, but you just have to come and see for yourself. Feeling pretty good and looking forward to our 5 day holiday road trip to Taupo, as there is another adventure awaiting us on Marche 4th :-) IRONMAN TAUPO /NZ. Never done another full distance race 2 weeks after one, but hey just see how we go right? Daniela Ryf did 2 with only 1 week apart, so it can’t be that hard, I got a whole week longer!! Hug from the most beautiful country in the world, Vonsy-------------------------------->