July 2018
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 15 (Fifteen!) times Sub 9 hours
It’s not a secret that I love racing and racing a lot. So that’s what I did the last couple of weeks. A 3rd place at IM 70.3 Kraichgau, followed by a 2nd place at Challenge Heilbronn 2 weeks later, then 1st place and defending my title at the Dresden City Triathlon, to then drive to Roth for my first Long distance race this year and a week of Triathlon Party and fun. I will be honest as always, my form had seem to be gone a bit after winning Challenge Gran Canaria & Challenge Riccione. I had a hard time at both Kraichgau & Heilbronn, feeling a bit flat and missing that race gear that you need to race to your best. I couldn’t have been more happy to notice that after Challenge Heilbronn my energy was coming back. The event it selves was very well organized and I loved the huge amount of people that we’re at the event, a great atmosphere and lovely hard course. I had a great feeling at Dresden and performance wise I had a better race then last year, which finally gave me a bit of confidence for Challenge Roth. It was also great to finally race together with my Men again, Per had a solid race coming back from illness and took 3rd, we we’re happy to be racing together again. My goals for Challenge Roth this year we’re simple, no high demands from my side, I just wanted to have a way better race then last year. Reflecting after the race now I totally succeeded in that, I swam 2 min. faster in my sleeveless HUUB wetsuit, road mostly in the front or on my own to bike a 4.47, which is not my fastest time here but the windy conditions in the 2nd loop made it a bit though. I felt strong until the very end and for a girl that thought she couldn’t bike anymore 2 weeks prior to the race, I did really good and came off the bike in 3rd position with Kaisa Sali just behind me. It was a very solid bike performance and give’s me a lot of hope for the further races this long season :-)
Photo credits: Ingo Kutsche
Race after Race