April 2017
Behind the scenes You guys must be thinking that I’m being lazy or taking another winter brake. Total contrary is true, behind the scenes I have been preparing in many different ways for the upcoming season. Last year I decided that it’s time to, once again, change my look. The beginning of my Long distance carreer saw me in black clothes & a black bike, then I had some great years in my famous white look, untill now this one was my favorite and I did have some great fun and huge achievements in beautiful white. Then followed a time in a very beautiful blue, 2010, 2011, partly 2012 I was the blue girl, but after a while more people raced in a similar color and I decided I was going back to white as no other people we’re racing in white and people that know me, know I like to be a bit different in many ways :-) After some great years in white I got a new bike ( Simplon Mr.T 2) in Black, yellow and white, so hey, why not match all my clothes to this and of course I did. 2015 in these colors was probably my best season of my carreer with winning Challenge Roth, Ironman Maastricht, Ironman Barcelona and many more big races. But now it’s 2017 and I already decided I want something very different for the upcoming season, so there’s a new Look coming very soon....... The idea started in November and since then I have been preparing for my transition to a new color...... Yeahh duhhhhh, I am not going to tell you which color it is and how my new bike looks like, you will have to be patient :-) sorry :-) My stuff is almost ready, but the first two races of the season, the Olympic distance Chin Min Triathlon and Challenge Rimini (Italy) I will be in my familiar look. I will reveal my new Simplon Mr. T2 and my new Skinfit clothes in the week before IM 70.3 St. Pölten. This race will be my first as a new Vonsy. Stay tuned for new pictures, videos and cool stuff :-) Coming back from NZ I travelled to the Netherlands for a expo together with my partner Cobb ( ), saw my family and then I spend a week home before we flew to France for a team meeting for another Sponsor Hoka One One ( ). We learned so much and it was awesome to meet the whole team. Vonsy-------------------------------->