March 2019
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance 2017 and worldrecord: 16 (Sixteen!) times Sub 9 hours
March already? Can’t believe we have already landed in March, where did those last couple of weeks go? Some of you probably feel the same, time just seems to go by quicker these days. So my last update is to long ago and feel kind of guilty for being so quit, but you know me, I’ve been busy and running around. But here we go, let's start with the biggest news and that’s of course a new path that I’m taking together with Team Sirius tri Club. As I decided I am not racing any full distance races this year, I felt like I needed something that would make me excited and full of fire again, well this coaching is for sure exactly that. The official launch of Team Sirius Europe, kind of the little baby of the head Team Sirius Tri Club which is based in the US, was on March 1st. I have 3 athletes that I started with and will go from there step by step. Siri Lindley and Rebekah “Bek” Keat have done such a amazing job in the last couple of years and there community with Team Sirius tri Club is really one of it’s kind. You can find all information about TSTC here: If you want to join us then go to the website just mentioned or to the special sites on my homepage concerning coaching: