September 2017
European & Dutch Champion Long Distance
And new WORLDRECORD:13 (Thirteen!) TIMES Sub 9.00.000 8:51:13
Challenge Almere/ Amsterdam, my A race for this season, not only the Dutch Championship, but also the European Championship and added to that of course outside all of this, already a important race for me as it’s in my home country. To race in the Netherlands is always so special. The emotions are huge and I’m all over the place leading up to this race. The week prior to the event I felt butterfly’s in my belly that I normally only feel while thinking of my boyfriend :-) hahahaha Racing in front of and with your family, friends that I have my whole life, Dutch fans etc just gives me goose bumps. I put so much pressure on myself as I had set my goals high, I not only wanted to win this event but also wanted to get that under 9 hours again and more important for me personally, I WANTED that course record that was standing since 1999, 8:56 and a bit. In 2007 I raced Almere and won in a time off 8:57, 1 minute shy of this record..... It has always stayed with me as the question why I didn’t run that minute faster. I wanted this course record on my name so badly........ I have bin (as usual) a bit big mouthed that I was going to reach all these goals, but to then really deliver is just such a great feeling.