March 2017
Waiting for the perfect race..... Maybe this headline sounds a bit weird, when you have a closer look at my Carreer you would think there we’re some dam'n great races there. I will explain.... Last weekend it was the first time that I did a Ironman 2 weeks after a full distance, sadly enough at Ironman Taupo/NZ I only made it to 30 km. in the run and again things went wrong. I tell you it didn’t have any thing to do with me racing Wanaka before, I felt better and stronger then for 2 weeks, it was only due to mistakes. My whole Carreer I’m searching for that PERFECT race. The preps going in to a full distance event are so carefully made, every training session and all I do every day leading up to a event, I try to do the best I can. I try to do every single little thing correct in race week and then especially race day, every single thing is timed, I try to copy all the things that worked great before, but it just doesn’t work like that. When I think back off all the Ironman’s that I have done, then Challenge Roth 2008 and Ironman Florida with a personal best 8:43:00 where the races that come closest to that perfect race. All other races there are things that we’re not going as planned, very tiny things that didn’t really had a big influence, many little things or big mistakes, things that went wrong which we’re not my fault, stupid clumsy things. Every single Ironman I try it again, to have that ONE PERFECT RACE. I’m just going to try it again and again until I succeed! Vonsy-------------------------------->